Thursday: Celebrate Life

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Daily Zen Living / Heart to Heart


Dear friends,

Today I had an impromptu lunch with my best friend, Maria.

We are both working a lot lately and though we talk on the phone every day, we really missed each other dearly and wanted to have a lunch date face to face to catch up.

With no actual plans or reservations, we popped into a newly discovered place called ‘Beautyfood‘ and enjoyed a wonderful lunch outside on their small terrace.

While talking about our children, our businesses and everyday life, we stopped for a minute and ordered two glasses of Prosecco, just to celebrate (once again) our beautiful friendship. You see,

In life’s daily turmoil, we tend to forget the most important aspects and people who positively mark our existence.

Sometimes, we take them for granted, forgetting what a privilege it is to have them – the right people – in our life.

That’s why today, apparently with no occasion, we raised a glass to celebrate genuine closeness, love and friendship and the priceless feeling of ‘togetherness’.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same today. Get a bottle of wine, of champagne or whatever you prefer (tea is good too), and go celebrate with those who matter most to you. If they are living abroad or in other city, just give them a call and say “Thank you”.

Celebrate Life!
Celebrate friendship! Celebrate togetherness!

Give thanks for the wonderful people in your life.
Cherish moments, cherish glimpses of happiness and beautiful memories.

To Life! To all of us!

Sending love & light your way,
Bianca Zen 2


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