New reader? Here’s my story!


There was a time when my happiness was tied to a pile of things.

Designer clothes. Exotic trips. The perfect job. The perfect pair of heels. The much-desired handbag. The sublime perfume.

Then one day, things changed. My life changed.

I quit my job and I took a year off to travel the world with my husband.

France. Spain. Portugal. Then India.

We had no children at that time, because we were far too busy to hustle our way up on the corporate ladder. Building a career was top priority for both of us for several years. We lived & breathe for our jobs. We became our jobs. And we were living our lives on autopilot.

In 2009, just before the financial crisis hit the modern world, we pressed “pause” and left to discover the world. We were tired and we wanted a way out. In the back of our minds, we hoped that there was much more to life than the nice view from our corner offices.

Fortunately, we were right. In the span of a year, we discovered a world of infinite possibilities. More beautiful & much different from what we expected it to be.

Upon our return home, we realized that life had changed for us and that we were no longer the people we used to be. Life became more meaningful, much lighter and much happier.

The shift had finally hit the fan.

Fast forward to this day, things turned out beautifully for us: we are the proud parents of a beautiful girl named Zara and I’m running my own fair-trade business.

I create meaningful jewellery in partnership with artisans from around the world: Thailand, India, Tibet, Vietnam, Hawaii, United Kingdom and Germany. It’s a small scale business, but for me it’s my ticket to freedom; it gives me the license to build and to live the life of my dreams.

Moving on to my new life & Zen-inspired lifestyle, I must confess that it’s contrasting to the way it used to be. Especially from a spiritual perspective. What I mean is that after all these years of intensive soul-searching and badly wanting to fit in, I’ve finally made peace with myself and with the world around me. I’ve found my place in the grand orchestra of life.

Moreover, I’ve come to realize and to understand the big “whys”, the ups and downs of my life and accepted, most of the lessons I’ve been taught. I know that there is much more to learn and to discover & I understand that life is a continuous journey, but here I am – willing & ready to do my part.

I feel like there is nothing standing in my way – not even myself, to become the woman I was meant to be. And this blog right here is part of my universe.

Pep talks and inspiring advice for daily living. Tough-learned lessons. Aha-moments. Breath-taking places. Memorable moments.  And the most inspiring people I’ve met along the way.

It’s all here for you to enjoy and get inspired by. So, be welcome! Take your time and savor a moment of peacefulness.

Have a Zen moment, breathe and recollect your thoughts. And come back here whenever you need to take a break from all the noise, the to-do lists, the must-do’s & must-be’s.

I’ll be right here waiting for you.

With much love,

Bianca Zen 2

*image credit: Christina One



  1. greenwithmeau says

    This is a beautiful bio, I got chills just reading your story. So glad I found your site, looking forward to following your journey! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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