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What I Didn’t Learn at Social Media Summit 2015

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Zen Office Hours

At this hour I was supposed to drink my tea and find a seat at the Social Media Summit, in Bucharest. This event for bloggers, social media activists and online entrepreneurs, was something I was looking forward to attending. Unfortunately, my body had a different agenda than my mind. My ankle-leg-spine situation got worse overnight, so here I am, writing you from my new headquarter that is my bed. Though I’ll be missing the opportunity to hear and […]

Discover The Most Beautiful Bookstore In Bucharest

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Zen Places / Zen World

Dear friends, Today I managed to crawl over to Cărturești Carusel, the most beautiful bookstore & concept store in Bucharest. I payed them a short visit before the grand opening on Thursday and I must tell you: this is a place like no other. Magical. Elegant. One of a kind. A former bank at its origins, this amazing 19th century building was owned by the Chrissoveloni family, until Ceausescu’s Communist regime seized the edifice and transformed it into a department […]

Cheers To A Happy Weekend

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Zen Family Bliss

Dear friends, It’s almost weekend again. Yaaaay! What are you up to? I must confess I’ve been a bit under the weather today and that, for no particular reason. Mercury, you again! Retrograde much? Anyway, coming back to our weekend plans, I just wrote an email to my friends to organize our family lunch on Sunday. This weekend we’re checking out this not-so-new Italian restaurant called Bocca Lupo. Have you already been there? And do […]

The Day I Restored My Faith In Humanity

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Random Thoughts

Dear friends, How do I start writing this post? How do I even begin writing about one of the most important days of my life? Yesterday was Voting Day in Romania, my dear country, a day when the voice of the people was heard loud and clear across the globe, shouting a message of hope and faith for a better future. Yesterday was that day when I took my little one by the hand (she’s […]